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Denise Williams

attends the "Let's Talk Film Conference" as a special VIP guest.

Denise shares her plans to bring the She Thinks She's Cute Stage Play to Augusta for a live taping on September 21, 2024.  Augusta is a Georgia city with a building entertainment industry. 

Denise also joined Directors Jeff Celentano and Choice Skinner at Let's Talk Film annual luncheon where honorable guests dined in a private dining room to discuss ways to stimulate and grow the entertainment industry in the Georgia film cities. 

Breakin' Through Acting Workshop

Classes start May 21, 2024

Stone Mountain, GA 

The Breakin' Through Acting Workshop (B.T.A.W.), is a prestigious acting workshop established by the acclaimed Director,  Choice Skinner. B.T.A.W. stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of acting education.

Choice, whose accolades include a nomination for the 55th Annual NAACP Image Award, brings a wealth of experience to the table, with a career spanning various facets of the entertainment industry. His multifaceted expertise, encompassing acting, directing, writing, and coaching, equips him with a unique perspective that benefits his students immensely.


At B.T.A.W., Skinner's dedication to the craft is evident in his commitment to nurturing talent. The workshop's environment is designed to cultivate the skills of aspiring actors, allowing them to flourish under his guidance. The success of B.T.A.W. is reflected in the achievements of its alumni, with names like Omari Hardwick, Ramsey Phillip, and Amin Joseph, who have gone on to carve their own paths in the industry, standing testament to the quality of mentorship and training provided at Breakin’ Through Acting Workshop.


Breakin' Through Actor Workshop Acting Classes

will cover the following topics:

  • Accessing Emotions

  • Audition preparation/techniques

  • Business of Acting

  • Eliminating nervousness

  • Line Retention

  • Q&A

  • Scene Study

  • Set Etiquette


Don't miss one of the most sought after acting workshops!

Reserve your spot today


*The address will be mailed with registration confirmation

*The introductory workshop is May 21, 2024.

The other class dates will be provided at this class. 

She Thinks She's Cute 

Stage Play

September 21, 2024

6 PM

She Thinks She’s Cute” Stage Play is a story of the raw emotions, assumptions and jealousy. This captivating and thought-provoking stage play written and directed by Denise Williams explores the issue of why some women judge each other by outside appearances. This play follows the life of a group of women, some of whom are all struggling with insecurities and self-doubt. They are constantly comparing themselves to other women and putting them down. This ultimately leads to a lot of drama and conflict within their lives. She Thinks She’s Cute ultimately shows that when women support and lift each other up, they are much stronger and happier. It encourages us to be kind to others, unselfish and reminds us not to judge others.

She Thinks She's Cute Stage Play Live Taping September 21, 2024 Augusta, GA

She Thinks She's Cute Stage Play 

Casting Call


We are currently casting for She Think She's Cute Stage Play.  Whether you’re an experienced voice actor or just starting out, we welcome your talent and passion.

  • ​We are casting for Understudies for all roles.

  • We are casting for Background Actors. 

Click the button below to view the roles descriptions and schedule to attend the casting call. 

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